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Автор:  AlexB [ 30 окт 2007, 19:38 ]
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nenad, where are you? We miss you. How was your weekend? Will you come to Moscow on 2nd of December for the PSB Concert?

Автор:  nenad jevtic [ 31 окт 2007, 07:36 ]
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I won't be able to visit moscow in december, unfortunatley. I am so sorry about it. But, that's life. So close, but still so far away. I came here to work, in a first place, so I must work on that day. Sad, but true. But you guys, you will have good time, to talk to me about...

if you miss me - please, tell so... :)

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oh, my weekendwas so sochi-like... beer in euroasia caffe, cake in mon paris caffe, and straight to bad. but, this sutarday I have some plans for nightclubbing :)

Автор:  Cosmonaut [ 31 окт 2007, 08:34 ]
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nenad jevtic писал(а):


Nightlife, babe, it's always the same
Living the life every night


Автор:  nenad jevtic [ 03 ноя 2007, 12:10 ]
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if I decide to go to moscow (for the first time) on 2nd of december to see pet shop boys... would anybody help me?

Автор:  nenad jevtic [ 03 ноя 2007, 13:24 ]
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to meet me in moscow... and to take me to that place

Автор:  flamandarina [ 03 ноя 2007, 13:28 ]
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we will meet you on the 1st december and will wait for psb near their hotel all night long...

Автор:  nenad jevtic [ 03 ноя 2007, 15:07 ]
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1st december is sautarday. I work on saturdays. I have this plain from sochi to moscow on 2nd december. I could be in moscow in the afternoon.

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Автор:  nenad jevtic [ 17 ноя 2007, 12:13 ]
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so, the show has been canceled because of elections???

dissappointed. once more. and so are you, guys...


Автор:  Danny Wilde [ 03 окт 2008, 12:04 ]
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Zuka !
I wanted your girlfriend to paint Neil as younger girl - YOUNGER! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
but still its very cute

Автор:  Oldtimer [ 29 апр 2010, 19:01 ]
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Nenade-im with You - i ja volim PSB, ako nije glupo da pisem na Srpskom u 'English' forumu. Ma - who cares, anyway there's no native speakers here :) Ono sa Croatian bas je bilo dobro, narocito da se 'virtuelno' razumeo sa hrvatima

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